Can a Delaware LLC own property outside of Delaware or outside the US?

Steven D. Goldberg, Esq. Wilmington, DE
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This is a quick post to answer a frequently asked question. Are there any limits under the Delaware LLC Act on a Delaware LLC owning property (real, personal or mixed) outside of the State of Delaware or outside of the US? The answer is an unequivocal NO.

In some cases owning property in a state is not considered as “doing business” in that state, while the the same ownership may constitute doing business in another state. When a business entity, such as a LLC, formed in one state seeks to “transact” or “do business” in another state or a foreign country, that state or country will require a form of registration in the jurisdiction before the entity may transact or do business. The requirements to “do business” in a jurisdiction very from state to state and country to country. A non-Delaware LLC seeking to do business in Delaware must qualify as a “foreign LLC” in Delaware, however Delaware does not impose any requirements on a Delaware LLC when it sees to do business or own property in another jurisdiction.

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